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Positive Perspectives taken from COVID-19 from Talent Management 

Our very first Talent Coffee Talk, hosted by Nayla Daly, our Growth & Talent Community Manager for MassTLC, took place this morning, April 10th, 2020. This talent community virtual discussion was filled with some new, positive perspectives that we would like to pass onto our other members. We were joined by various talent management members from Talent Retriever, Workhuman, IntepPros Consulting, TeamWork and MassTLC. Their perspectives are shared below:

4 Positive Perspectives taken from COVID-19 from Talent Management 

    1. Businesses are more supportive of their communities now, than ever. Companies are adapting their business models to become more relevant resources for their members and customers, but also for other struggling businesses and people who have lost their jobs. MassTLC is still offering its member resources and benefits to member employees, even if they have lost their jobs (contact to learn more).
    2. Many companies have been uniting members and customers globally. Online engagement platforms and video conferencing have allowed many of our members to connect with each other throughout the world. This global switch to remote working has left many people looking for new ways to network, continue their education, and grow their companies, all of which can be achieved virtually. 
    3. The global switch to remote working has prepared many companies to continue utilizing virtual work, even after the outbreak is over. Although many of us weren’t prepared to move our working online, the change has prepared us for a future of work-life flexibility. Companies are now constructed in ways that allow for remote working, which could also be the reason why your next recruit chooses to work for you!
    4. Delivering human connection virtually is very much attainable. Virtual collaboration has led to more sincere human connection. We are all, in a sense, welcoming dozens of new people virtually into our homes. As one participant said, “Employees are getting to know each other more.”

These positive perspectives serve as reminders of the healthy progress that has been made despite the chaos that COVID-19 has caused.

Consider pondering some of today’s discussion questions yourself, or with your team: 

  • How can we support the communities around us, and beyond, during the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • How can we connect with people who have lost their jobs? What resources can your company provide them?  
  • Will your business continue practicing remote working after the COVID-19 outbreak subsides?
  • How do we encourage employee productivity when their jobs are changing drastically?

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