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PNC Bank Issues Its Latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report

MassTLC member PNC Bank recently released its latest issue of its Corporate Social Responsibility report. This issue examines the company’s efforts in a number of different areas, including:

        • Investing in Employees
        • Dedication to their Communities
        • Prioritizing Customers
        • Focus on Strong Governance
        • Commitment to the Environment
        • Managing Risk

Read more below.

Our Commitment, At a Glance

We are committed to our employees, customers, communities and environment because it’s right. It’s right for our company, our people and our world. And our commitment to that belief has never been stronger.

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In 2018, we conducted our second materiality analysis, which has informed the latest issue of our Corporate Social Responsibility report through a refreshed set of priority issues. These issues include data privacy and protection, risk management, diversity & inclusion, customer relations, innovation, talent management, responsible lending, community engagement and employee engagement.

To be successful in these key areas, we continue to invest in our employees, customers and communities; remain aware of our impact on the environment; and adhere to strong governance and risk management practices.

Read the full report here.

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