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PeopleProductive – Freemium Remote Work Productivity and Engagement Diagnostic

PeopleProductive, a MassTLC member, empowers organizations to create an intentionally productive culture using intuitive technology and an agile transformation process that engages leaders, teams and individuals to embrace better ways of working together.

By methodically measuring, monitoring and supercharging the efficiency of work, organizations can methodically improve their performance.  Increasing how much a workforce accomplishes, generates one of the highest returns an organization can produce.

As an indefinite give-back to the community during and after COVID-19, PeopleProductive is offering a powerful Freemium Remote Work Diagnostic to provide organizations with valuable information to keep their workforce energized, focused and productive.

The free solution provides an in-depth understanding and guidance of the emotional state of your workforce and how effectively and efficiently they are able to get work done; learn the key performance factors that drive organizational success, and be able to see how well you are performing in these areas; lastly, you’ll get focused recommendations from your people as they respond to this open-ended question: “When working remote, what is the #1 thing keeping you from being fully productive?”

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