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New Research Points to Reward and Recognition as a Powerful Antidote to Employee Burnout

A new study from global employee engagement company, Reward Gateway, has revealed the connection between reward and recognition and improving employee wellbeing. The research surveyed over 3,000 employees across the UK, U.S. and Australia in order to examine the state of employee wellbeing and how reward and recognition can be an instrument for change.

The survey data suggests that the “snowball effect” of the pandemic, the Great Resignation
and the global financial crisis and impending recession have forever changed what it means
to engage and thrive at work. The effects include:

  • 70%* of employees cite a lasting negative effect as an employee – with the largest
    negative effect impacting their wellbeing (38%).
  • 84% of employees surveyed say workplace burnout has an impact** on their overall
    mental health and wellbeing, with almost half (48%) citing burnout at work as
    impacting their overall wellbeing.
  • Just 5% of employees surveyed never experienced burnout at work, while well over
    46% experience it frequently***.

Reward and recognition emerged as a powerful tool to improve employee wellbeing with
over two thirds (69%) of employees agreeing**** their work wellbeing would improve if
they were simply thanked more for their hard work. Relatedly, 67% of employees surveyed
would like to be rewarded and recognized more for their hard work than they are currently.
The research also confirmed that people who rate reward and recognition from their
managers and colleagues as good or excellent are far less likely to experience burnout,
stress or feelings of being overwhelmed than those who rate it as poor.

Rob Boland, COO at Reward Gateway says:

“We have always understood the intrinsic power of reward and recognition, and this
research validates our view that R&R is a must-have tool to enhance employees’ wellbeing
in a time where it is clearly needed. With continued economic uncertainty likely to bring
more disruption and potential burnout to workforces worldwide, reward and recognition can
serve as an affordable and effective lever to strengthen organizational wellbeing.”

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