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Meet the Finalists for Emerging Company of the Year

For the past twenty-two years, the MassTLC Leadership Awards have celebrated the best and the brightest of the Massachusetts technology ecosystem. The sixteen award categories, including a newly added category for the Massachusetts Growth Company of the Year, highlight the vitality, innovation and importance of the region’s internationally respected technology industry. In addition, for the first time, MassTLC will honor the visionary organizations that are pioneering digital transformations to innovate and re-imagine the future of the Commonwealth’s leading industries in the form of the newly created Digital Transformation awards category. 

The finalists in all sixteen categories were revealed during a reception  at PTC’s Boston headquarters on September 10. 

Winners will be announced at the All Stars of Tech Winners’ Celebration on November 6 at Fenway Park

In the meantime, let us introduce you to the finalists and the incredible work that they are doing here in Massachusetts – and how they are changing the world. 

In the words of their nominators, meet the 2019 “Emerging Company of the Year” finalists.




Twitter: @BlueSnapInc

As eCommerce continues to grow and reach new segments, businesses are finding it more important than ever to offer customers a seamless and efficient payment experience in order to compete with big names like Amazon. Currently, many businesses are piecing together multiple integrations from different providers and creating a complicated, cumbersome payment stack which results in more complex processes for both the business and the customer. BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform enables businesses to effectively compete in the growing eCommerce market because of the product’s simple, straightforward integration process and proven track record of helping customers succeed in the global economy. With a single integration to the All-in-One Payment Platform, BlueSnap customers can accept payments through many channels, including online and mobile sales, phone orders, email invoices, marketplaces, subscription billing and manual orders. This allows businesses to reach their customers through the outlets that shoppers expect and demand.

BlueSnap is at the forefront of the developing fintech industry, and the leadership at BlueSnap also understands the importance of creating a diverse workplace that features different perspectives. Nearly half of the leadership team at BlueSnap is female, and they lead the acquiring, business operations, marketing and partner development divisions. 

Being located in Massachusetts is one of the characteristics that has helped to define BlueSnap’s culture and values. Recently, the company increased its office space in Waltham and also hired new staff to further support local business and build the technology scene in Massachusetts. BlueSnap appeared on Inc. Magazine’s annual list of fastest growing companies and was named Best B2B Payments Company in the 2019 Fintech Breakthrough Awards, as well as, one of the Best Places to Work in Financial Technology.




Twitter: @markforged

Markforged’s Metal X printer is the first of its kind and is capable of printing elaborate parts, acting as the tool that engineers need to unlock imaginative designs. With the promises of high-strength metal parts, in addition to costs up to 100 times lower than alternatives, it has changed how engineers view 3D printing. Not only does the Markforged Metal X demonstrate that 3D printing can effectively produce parts that withstand the modern factory, but it also signals that such quality and effectiveness aren’t just reserved for large manufacturers with large budgets. Markforged services extend beyond Metal X. With materials like the flame-retardant Onyx FR and the company’s latest AI-powered software, Blacksmith, Markforged is making a name for itself by transforming manufacturing processes worldwide. The company’s technology is the secret behind far-reaching products, printing parts that go into space, and also, travel to the bottom of the ocean.

Markforged is active in the robotics competition scene and hopes to inspire the next generation of builders. Markforged has a significant number of FIRST Robotics alumni, a K-12 competitive engineering and robotics program that nearly half a million kids participate in every year. Many of these alumni go on to become mentors and volunteers which helps to build towards the goal of inspiring the next generation.

Markforged was included on Forbes’ Next Billion Dollar Startups list and earned the #10 spot on Deloitte’s North America Technology Fast 500 list.




Twitter: @Nasuni

The unrelenting increase in data volumes occurring across industries made existing approaches to storage obsolete. The typical three-year hardware refresh cycle that was the norm not only forced enterprises to predict how much storage capacity they would need, but also to purchase it in advance. The cloud addressed this capacity challenge, but cloud object storage lacks the global file system enterprises need to utilize it for primary storage. Nasuni enables organizations of all kinds to overcome this reality by offering the first and only cloud-native global file system that resides in private or public cloud storage. In this way, Nasuni makes cloud object storage usable for primary storage while simultaneously enabling organizations to work in new ways. 

Nasuni eliminates the need for costly backup and disaster recovery infrastructure, radically lowers storage costs, and enables new levels of synchronization and collaboration. Customers in industries like financial services, manufacturing and retail rely on Nasuni Cloud File Services largely because the company helps them safeguard the safety of their mission-critical files, while leaders in fields like video game development and architecture rely on Nasuni largely because it not only enables new levels of file synchronization, but makes it possible for users to collaborate with colleagues around the world while working on the same files with no worry of overwriting someone else’s work.

From its humble beginnings in Natick ten years ago, to its headquarters in Boston’s Seaport District and newly opened satellite office in Marlborough, Nasuni’s Bay State heritage runs deep. Notably, Nasuni’s commitment to diversity is strong. Currently, women hold leadership positions as Vice President of Marketing, Vice President Product Management, Vice President Human Resources, Vice President and General Counsel, and Vice President Sales – West.



The Predictive Index


Twitter: @predictiveindex

The Predictive Index was founded more than six decades ago and its mission–to create better work, and a better world–has not changed, but the way it manifests that mission has. What started as an offline paper behavioral assessment company has become so much more. PI knows that people data has the power to change the way people work and that what’s been missing are the tools, features, and services to measure, design, hire and inspire winning teams. With PI’s scientific approach to people, the void has been filled with a new suite of workforce solutions and a new category and discipline called talent optimization. Through alignment with the talent optimization discipline, PI is able to offer a new system for capitalizing on a company’s most valuable resource— its people. PI is able to offer customers a competitive advantage by bringing clarity to the gap that exists between business strategy and talent strategy. 

PI’s culture is a result of deliberate, intentional action and was created to align perfectly with business strategy. Codified by PI’s THREADS value system, which stands for Teamwork, Honesty, Reliability, Energy, Action, Drive and Scope, the PI culture has helped us achieve a 4.9 Glassdoor rating and 95% of PI employees are engaged based on a company-wide response rate of 92%. In addition, PI has made a concerted effort to remove gendered language from our product and conversation and recognize women at PI by giving them a platform to talk about their experiences. 45% of PI employees are women, and 15% of the senior leadership team is female. 

Talent optimization is a movement that is challenging the way people think about the role of people in developing winning business strategies and the press is taking notice. PI was named a Glassdoor Best Places to Work and Top CEO, a Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, and an Inc. Best Places to Work.


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