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Meet Security Co-Chair Ben Fischer

We are excited to welcome Ben Fischer, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Emerging Security Technologies, as a new Co-Chair of the Security Community. Get to know more about Ben, below.

What is your current role?

I am the Principal Product Marketing Manager for Emerging Security Technologies. In this role, I work on new security projects both internally and upstream in community security projects.

What is your professional background?

I began my technical career in networking and security responsibilities continually arose. After my MBA, I entered into product management in the security industry and later shifted to product marketing.

Why do you like what you do?

I love learning about new security technologies and what is unique about them so I can understand how they can be applied to the real world.

What do you like about being part of the MassTLC community?

It is incredible to work with truly great security leaders, with a range of experiences who are vested in giving back to the security community by sharing their knowledge and helping nurture the next group of rising security leaders.


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