Cybereason, MassTLC Professional Women's Community

Meet Professional Women’s Community Sponsor Cybereason

Who is Cybereason?
Cybereason is the champion for today’s cyber defenders with future ready attack protection that extends from the endpoint, to the enterprise, to everywhere. We deliver the precision to end cyber attacks in an instant– on computers, mobile devices, servers, in the cloud– to everywhere the battle moves. We champion the defender because we are defenders. Cybereason brings together the world’s brightest minds from the military, government intelligence, and enterprise security to create a new kind of cyber security company. Our headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts, with other offices in London, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, France, Germany, Singapore and South Africa.

Why are you excited to be part of the MassTLC Professional Women’s Community?
We are excited to be part of the MassTLC Professional Women’s Community, as we continue to work towards bridging the gap for women in technology organizations everywhere. Our
company takes pride in encouraging women to be their authentic selves. We push women to never give up and stand up as leaders. We look forward to working with other professionals in the community and learning more from like-minded companies in Massachusetts.

What are you hoping you can share and receive from the MassTLC Professional Women’s community?
We are looking forward to sharing our experiences as women in the tech world, as well as hearing from others about how they are making strides within their own companies. We are excited to come together as a community and learn from each one another, while networking and engaging in insightful conversations.

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