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Meet Our Board Members: Deborah Theobald, CEO, Vecna Technologies

MassTLC’s Board of Trustees consists of innovative leaders from across the tech industry, academia, and the broader Massachusetts business community. Our trustees have invented foundational apps that we now take for granted, created companies that are household names, dedicated themselves to using their technology to improve lives, trained business leaders, invested in the local economy, and much more.


Deborah Theobald

CEO, Vecna Technologies

Deborah has spent 20 years developing and deploying automation solutions to the health care sector across the globe. As CEO of Vecna, a leader in health care information technology, Deborah has positively impacted millions of peoples’ lives through innovative new technologies that improve access to and quality of care. Deborah has brought to market QC PathFinder for electronic outbreak surveillance of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and Patient Self Service Tablet/Kiosk, Portal and Mobile solutions. In addition, Vecna’s VGo Telepresence Robot is among a number of tools and products fulfilling Vecna’s goal of better technology for a better world.

In 2009, Deborah established the Vecna Cares Charitable Trust to extend Vecna resources in health information technology, network & workflow process engineering, and programmatic expertise to developing countries and under-served areas. Deborah is actively engaged in forging partnerships around the world with the goal of improving quality and access to health care through the establishment of local, point-of-care patient data collection tools connected to regional health information reporting infrastructures to close the loop on health needs and resource distribution. During her tenure as Executive Director of Vecna Cares, Deborah was at the forefront of in-country deployment and training of CliniPAK systems in Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia, Haiti and the USA.

Deborah obtained her SB in Aerospace Engineering from MIT and her Masters with an emphasis in space robotics from University of Maryland’s Space Systems Lab. Her thesis included a study of the use of haptic robotics in a space environment on NASA’s KC-135 micro-gravity simulator, the Vomit Comet. Deborah is a certified SCUBA Diver Instructor and the proud mother of 5 very active children.

Leadership Roles

  • GRIT Board
  • Vecna Cares Board
  • MassTLC Co-Chair


  • Companies: Pratt&Whitney, Draper Labs
  • Roles: Founder, CEO, Aerospace Engineer
  • University Affiliations: MIT; University of Maryland College Park


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