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New Episode Released in MassTLC’s “On the Tech Trail” Podcast Series

This week MassTLC released the eighth episode in our new On the Tech Trail podcast series!

In our final episode of the season, “Bringing the Opportunity,” David Delmar Sentíes, Founder of Resilient Coders, talks with Pariss Chandler, CEO of BlackTechPipeline, about her journey in tech and her efforts to help the industry at large.

Episode eight “Sharp Minds and Warm Hearts” features Sam King, CEO of Veracode, and Dave Krupinski, Co-Founder and former CTO of, discussing Sam’s journey as a women in tech and her path to leadership. 2020 brought new challenges to light as a leader in a tech company, and Sam discusses how she managed her organization through transformation.

In episode seven, “A Journey to Improve,” Bill Wagner, CEO of LogMeIn, and Donna Levin, Co-founder of, discusses the need to constantly improve and adapt as a leader while your company grows and scales or in the face of external challenges.

In episode six, “Navigating Disruption, Transforming People,” Tracey Zhen, President of Zipcar, and Yogesh Gupta, President & CEO of Progress Software, discuss Tracey’s path to leadership as a woman in the tech industry, as well as how she is navigating a disrupted industry during COVID times.

In episode five, entitled “Engaged, Compassionate Leadership,” we get out On the Tech Trail with Aron Ain, CEO of Kronos/Ultimate Software, and Gail Goodman, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Pepperlane. Aron shares what it was like to lead a massive merger of two six-thousand person companies during the heart of the pandemic.

In episode four, entitled “Facing the Uncomfortable,” we are On the Tech Trail with Anthony Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Akamai Technologies and Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder and CEO at WeSpire. In this episode, we learn about Anthony’s decision to move to Boston in spite of the his friends who warned that Boston was not friendly to people of color. 

In episode three, entitled “Your People Are Your Power,” we are On the Tech Trail with Stefania Mallett, Co-Founder & CEO of ezCater and Corey Thomas, President and CEO of Rapid7. Stefania talks about the importance of empowering your people so they can help carry the load when adversity strikes.  

In episode two, entitled “Do the Right Thing,” we are On the Tech Trail with Mohamad Ali, CEO of International Data Group (IDG), and Sophie Vandebroek, Board Director, Trustee, Scholar, and Digital Expert. We learn about how the community contributed to Mohamad’s success and the obligation he feels we all owe to give back to others.  

In episode one, entitled “The Storm Shows Your Mastery,” we’re On the Tech Trail with Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index, and Kirk Arnold, Executive in Residence at General Catalyst. Mike talks about their aggressive growth posture coming into 2020 and the impact of the Coronavirus. 

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