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MassTLC: Our Year in Review

Technology is reshaping almost every aspect of our world, ushering unimaginable innovations that will improve our lives – from mobility solutions to medical breakthroughs and more. With widespread change comes opportunity, but also uncertainty and risk. At MassTLC, we believe that tech will be a positive force for change. We believe that our community of forward-looking tech leaders will choose to strike a balance in building long term value for customers, employees, the community, shareholders, and other stakeholders while considering social issues like inequality, climate change, and other challenges of our time. We believe that, as a community, we will choose to invest in our common wealth.

As a result of investments of prior generations, Massachusetts today is among the techiest and most innovative regions in the world. Our innovation capacity is driven not only by wealth of leading sectors, including tech, education, finance, health, manufacturing, robotics, security, and others, but also by their close proximity which enables people and ideas to collide. Here, innovation transcends the boundaries of our different communities, each exchanging and iterating on ideas within and among sectors.

As the largest network of tech executives in Massachusetts, MassTLC has a uniquely powerful voice for tech in the state. We have unparalleled access to the people and ideas driving innovation and economic growth. We are a convener of both serendipitous and deliberate connections and a curator of ideas. Our mission — to accelerate innovation, growth, and the development of an inclusive tech ecosystem in Massachusetts — drives our work in four broad areas: talent, tech & innovation, equity & inclusion, and growth. Every day, we deliver on this mission, provide value to our members, and drive impact in our community.

In 2019, MassTLC continued to help our members share and access data, actionable insights, best practices, and thought leadership. We worked with the UMass Donahue Institute to conduct the most comprehensive research to date on the State of the Tech Economy in Massachusetts and with UMass Dartmouth’s Public Policy Center, we conducted the largest tech executive business sentiment survey, The Massachusetts Tech Pulse Index This research is the basis for MassTLC’s work at the state and federal level on issues that bring the tech sector together and make MassTLC one of the most authoritative leaders when it comes to insights on tech in Massachusetts.

This year, as in years past, MassTLC has continued to invest in building a more inclusive tech ecosystem by identifying, engaging, and supporting women and minority tech leaders. Leveraging our unparalleled network, we continued to serve as a leader and catalyst bringing the brightest minds in our community together.

  • Through our State of the Tech Economy and Tech Pulse research, MassTLC benchmarked sector and board participation, as well as company initiatives, for women and minority tech leaders.
  • Through Technovation Girls Massachusetts, MassTLC has worked to inspire over 800 middle and high school girls over the past six years.
  • Through our Women’s Initiative, MassTLC supports women tech leaders at member companies with visibility, community, research, talent pipeline, and external resources.
  • Through our Board-Ready Bootcamp, MassTLC supports women and minority tech leaders on their leadership journeys to board participation.

As the world moves from an era of information scarcity to abundance, MassTLC is evolving from a place to simply find people and information to a place that ensures our members can find the most trustworthy and relevant people and information. Together, our staff and our board have been reimagining how we help our members connect with others in the community, access the best information and insights, and work together to advance the collective interests of the tech community in Massachusetts.

You may have seen some changes already; and we have more planned for the year ahead. We welcome your input and ideas and look forward to working with you as we continue to lead and serve the Massachusetts tech community and our common wealth in the years ahead.

The MassTLC Team

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