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MassTLC Files Travel Ban Brief in United States Supreme Court

On Monday, MassTLC filed a friend of the court brief in the U.S. Supreme Court, in the so-called “travel ban” litigation. The Trump administration has sought the high court’s review of the injunctions imposed by the federal district court of Hawaii and Maryland (and upheld by the 9th and 4th circuit courts of appeals), which have prevented the Administration from imposing travel restrictions on individuals from six Muslim-majority countries. MassTLC’s brief supports the State of Hawaii, the International Refugees Assistance Project, and other parties that continue to challenge the Administration’s actions.

MassTLC, represented by Foley Hoag LLP, has formally supported challenges to the Administration’s travel ban orders since the early stages, having filed friend of the court briefs in the District of Hawaii, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

As a leading voice for the technology industry, MassTLC has brought a unique perspective to the litigation, demonstrating empirically the vital importance of immigrants on the technology sector. MassTLC’s Supreme Court filing contains a nearly 300-page appendix (a reproduced copy of The Economic Impact of Immigration on the U.S. report MassTLC published this past June), replete with reams of data showing unmistakably the leadership that immigrants play as innovators, job creators and business leaders, and the tangible dangers should the Administration be allowed to enforce its travel ban.

The Supreme Court will hear oral argument on October 10, and a decision is likely by the Spring. The consolidated case is Donald J. Trump et al. v. International Refugee Assistance Project et al.; Donald J. Trump et al. v. State of Hawaii et al.; Nos. 16-1436 and 16-1540.  MassTLC’s Immigration report and briefs can be found at www.mtlc.co/immigration.

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