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MassTLC Community Members Leading National Touring Talent Summit

Massachusetts is a birthplace of many notable things in history books, but the present-day story is the birth of the rapid-growth tech company. In the 80’s we built a handful of monolithic hardware and software companies, but today it seems as if there’s a success story arising regularly, and often out of another success story.

Behind those success stories are the people that build the teams and power those organizations, starting at the top but quickly handed off to heads of HR, Talent, People, or whatever the term dujour is.

The Viseo Talent Summit, which tours the country pulling together talent professionals to share best practices, has found many of the guiding lights and trailblazers of the industry within our MassTLC Community.

Here are some of the members you’ll find speaking May 10th at the State Room:

Christina Luconi Chief People Officer Rapid7
Corey Thomas President and CEO Rapid7
Dena Upton VP, People & Talent LogMeIn
Chrissy Costello Director, Talent & Employee Experience Buildium
Kathy Andreasen Chief Administrative & People Officer Endurance
Nick Camelio Chief People Officer & SVP, HR Demandware
Timothy Kenny VP Culture Black Duck Software
Wendy Cebula President and COO edX

MassTLC Members can register at the VIP Rate (that’s a $225 Savings)–just select MassTLC in the “How did you hear about us” box.

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