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Exit Strategies – what every CEO needs to understand

MassTLC, along with our sponsor, Argosight, recently brought together a small group of CEOs to talk about different exit strategies, and the pros and cons that arise with each. The CEOs came from small, medium, large companies, some of who were greener and some of whom have had their fair share of exits.

The discussion was informal and allowed the younger CEOs the unique opportunity to ask direct questions of those that have had ample experience. 

Overarching themes were focused on different types of investments, acquisitions, going public versus staying private, and most importantly having a true understanding of where you want to take your company.

We put together the infographic below as a way to capture the substantial amount of information and ideas that were shared. Some key pieces of advice to bear in mind for any founder are:

  1. Know your business, not just your function or role, but your entire business inherently. For instance, sales, sales projections, product lines, revenues under each product line, and so on.
  2. When you are just starting off, read everything, learn everything. Because the decisions you make on day one will affect the decisions you will have to make years later.  That can be as little as the office lease you sign to as big as the Board you put together.
  3. For those that take funding, know everything there is to know about the fund, when it was started, when it will vest, and what number your company will be in the fund.
  4. Whether you are looking to be acquired or go public, it is imperative that your company is strong enough to stand on its own.



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