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Manufacturing Grant Office Hours – January 25, 2017

As part of our Advanced Manufacturing Futures Fund Program grant, we meet with entrepreneurs, startups and scaling companies to offer advice and where to go next as well as personal contact introductions.  Wednesday Peter Russo from MassMEP and Joyce Sidopoulos met with Matt Scheuer from Electrona Robotics.

Matt is showing Peter how the system works

Electrona Robotics developed a tough, flexible, affordable miniROV platform. It can shoot HD video, carry sensors, and recover objects under 200 feet of freezing cold water in total darkness, or it can simply help children and students explore under the local dock.
Our goal: to introduce Matt to local manufacturers and supply chain – so his product could ultimately be Made in Massachusetts.

Peter takes a closer inspection

We were able to make recommendations to Matt and introduce him to some contacts who will help move his product along.

Matt will be moving from New York to the Boston area because of the access to incubators like MassRobotics, accelerators like MassChallenge and mentor/connectors like MassMEP.  Matt will be participating in one of our MassDevelopment sponsored Fast Pitch for Solutions panel in the future.

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