Making Lemonade out of Lemons in the Current Environment

The MassTLC team of about a dozen are actively engaged with our community and on any given day will out at meetings with members, prospects, partners, and civic leaders. The distributed nature of our regular workflow has positioned us well to adapt to the social distancing and virtual working that is needed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. When people ask where our office is, I often joke that our copier is out at our Lexington, MA, HQ, but the staff are likely meeting at a member company or working out of CIC or Workbar.

Years ago, we set our team up to work virtually with all cloud-based tools creating ability to access work anywhere, rather than being tethered to an office or even VPN. We made a concerted effort to create a co-working style office with the added benefit of having  a great buzz of activity when meetings or programs bring us all together.

This flexibility has created a stronger work/life balance and, in so doing, a more positive culture. While the norm for the MassTLC team has been a hybrid between an in-person and remote work week, we found the move towards more remote has been quite seamless with the support of technology.

We realize that a core value of our programming is the in-person experience and we are continue to evaluate how to best proceed for each unique program in March and April, making thoughtful changes where we can to deliver virtual content or in some cases postpone beyond the expected time of community virus spread.

While we work to move or modify our existing programs, we are using this time to reflect on the value we provide and the multitude of ways beyond events that we can deliver on it. The responses to contain COVID-19 has allowed us to accelerate our strategic vision of moving towards a more multi-channel organization while still providing our members and the rest of the tech ecosystem with impactful learning and connections

We are excited about the transformation that is to come and hope to continue to optimize the value of being part of the MassTLC community.

As always, we are member-driven and welcome your ideas and suggestions as we work to serve our community in the best possible ways. You can reach me with your ideas and best practices at

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