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Lunchspotting at NETSCOUT in Westford

MassTLC member NETSCOUT recently hosted a Lunchspotting meet up in its Westford, MA, facility. Lunchspotting is a series of lunchtime networking events from Matter Communications and MassTLC that is intended to bring the community into the many fascinating companies in the area. Attendees have the opportunity to meet executives and founders of these organizations, learn about the companies and their products, and connect with other professionals from different industries.

At NETSCOUT, attendees heard from Tracy Steele, VP of Global Services Operations. Tracy explained how NETSCOUT—as a leading provider of business assurance solutions that include service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence for service provider, enterprise and government networks—is not a name that consumers may not know but whose work making infrastructure safe and reliable is vitally important to its customers. Tracy also provided a tour for anyone interested in seeing their on-site training facility with live streaming and video recording capabilities.

See what Lunchspotting is all about:

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