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Lumen Technologies is the only company to win Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious 2021 Global New Product Innovation Award for its Holistic Web Protection Solutions

As the 4th Industrial Revolution continues to rapidly transform the way businesses operate, Lumen Technologies today announced that its efforts to reshape the enterprise security landscape has been recognized with a prestigious, global award.

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As the only recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2021 Global New Product Innovation Award in the holistic web protection market, Lumen received the acclaim for its combination of enterprise security solutions including:

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation – Lumen’s DDoS Mitigation Service is backed by 85 Tbps of mitigation capacity across the company’s global scrubbing centers with next-gen intelligent routing. This technology enables customers to decrease mean-time-to-detect and mean-time-to-resolve attacks by as much as 75%1.
    The service is available through a traditional turn-up model, or through DDoS Hyper, an emergency turn-up solution that allows a new customer to activate DDoS protection in minutes. Lumen DDoS Mitigation Service also includes Rapid Threat Defense – powered by the intelligence of Black Lotus Labs® – to provide automated detection and response to threats in near real-time.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) – With more business moving to the edge cloud, the traditional “firewall in a box” is often no longer sufficient. Lumen’s WAF delivers crucial web and application protection that is designed to reduce costly data breaches and downtime by combining multiple defenses that can accurately pinpoint and mitigate attacks without blocking customers.
  • Bot Risk Management (BRM) – Not all bots are nefarious, and every company needs to manage bots differently, which is why Bot Risk Management is a critical element of a holistic security solution. By partnering with best-of-breed security providers, Lumen can automatically differentiate good traffic from bad, and mitigate sophisticated attacks.

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“We know businesses are looking for a trusted partner on the Edge,” said Christopher Smith, Lumen Technologies vice president of platform applications. “Companies are facing new challenges that require them to get, use, and leverage their data at almost unimaginable speeds. The emerging technologies and data intensive needs for the 4IR demand that speed. Our networking, cloud and security solutions are the power these latency-sensitive, next-gen business applications need. We are honored that Frost & Sullivan recognized the innovation we bring to this front.”

In recognizing Lumen for New Product Innovation, Frost & Sullivan noted the company’s focus on continually improving the customer experience. “By integrating Lumen DDoS mitigation solutions with WAF solutions, Lumen offers a complete capability designed to protect network and application layers,” said Steven Lopez, Frost & Sullivan best practices research analyst. “Ultimately, streamlining the security strategy set in place to simplify, integrate, and automate the solution’s capabilities, Lumen achieves the outcome for optimal efficiency and cost-effective customer experiences.”

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