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Join us on Nov. 30 for “Building a Design Team”

Depending on your company size you might feel like you’re a one (wo)man army trying to manage a million aspects of your company’s UX. How can you build a team with the resources you do have and use that to create buy-in to your initiatives? Possibly you’ve got a big team, just not big enough.

When it is time to grow, how do you decide which discipline expertise needs to get filled first, which can you continue to crowdsource from your coworkers, and which is best to outsource (and to where)?

Our host, iZotope, a company whose products you’ve almost 100% experienced if you’ve ever watched TV or listened to the radio, has been working through this problem as they’ve grown over the last few years. They’ve also added some other interesting design challenges into the mix—from working to redesign the traditional audio plugin interface to create a more logical user experience to developing their own physical recording device, the Spire.

Join us on November 30th to learn how to expand your team’s capabilities beyond current capacity, find alternative resources, and share your experiences.

Building a Design Team is going to cover:

  • How to utilize your entire organization as a piece of the UX team
  • Understanding which pieces of UI/UX make the most sense to outsource (and to where)
  • What is the best skill set to hire for when you’ve got a limited budget or small team


Brian Desmond – Senior UX Designer, iZotope

Kasia Bytnerowicz – Creative Director, iZotope

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