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John Battelle’s “Handy Guide” to Visiting the Best Companies In Boston

Here’s my ideal lineup for navigating NewCo Boston next week

NewCo Shceduler

By John Battelle, founder, NewCo

Ah, Boston. Such a wonderful, academic, complicated city, bursting with new kinds of companies worth checking out. Fortunately for us, NewCo’s partner MassTLC has organized a two-day festival that allows anyone to have their pick of scores of amazing organizations — meet the founders, tour the headquarters, and make deep connections.

I won’t be able to visit NewCo Boston this year, but I spent a couple of hours researching the companies I’d have liked to visit if I could be there. Here are my picks:

Weds. April 5th

8.30 am: DrugDev — Healthcare is a huge part of Boston’s economy, and I love this company’s passionate mission to subvert the standard approach to new drug development. Wish I could also go: Hunter Creative Labs, Acquia.

10.30 am: Kyruus — I’m fascinated by how we as a society will manage personal data, and I believe health data will be the axis around which we’ll pivot from a silo’d, platform lockdown to a distributed, personal model of control. Kyruus lives in that space. Wish I could also go: The Grommet, Powerhouse Dynamics.

12.30 pm: Brainshark — I used to run pretty big sales departments, and it’s been a while since I’ve caught up with the latest in sales tech. Brainshark’s been in the business a long time and its session is exploring the intersection of sales and AI/AR and other new developments. Wish I could also go: Piaggio Fast Forward, Mimecast.

2.30 pm: athenahealth — Continuing my healthcare education, athenahealth is a sophisticated platform to help providers in the industry. Wish I could also go: WeSpire, Venture Cafe Kendall Square.

4.30 pm: AT&T — NewCos aren’t just small companies and startups. I’m always interested in what the BigCos are up to. Wish I could also go: MassRobotics, ToonCrier.

5.30 pm: Time for a well deserved drink + networking at General Assembly!

Thurs. April 6th

8.30 am: Harvard Business School — Who wouldn’t want a tour of these hallowed halls? Wish I could also go: Oxfam America, Lovepop.

10.30 am: Rue La La — A visit with the ecommerce pioneer’s CTO? Yes please. Wish I could also go: Verizon Innovation Center, ownerIQ.

12.30 pm: CIC Boston — I’m glad CIC has two sessions (they also have one in the morning) because this is the white hot center of innovation in the Boston area. Wish I could also go: CloudHealth, Carbonite.

2.30 pm: Wayfair — The session will explore VR and AR in home shopping applications. Sound fascinating. Wish I could also go: Fidelity Labs, Referral Mob.

4.30 pm: IBM — As with AT&T, always interested in the big companies’ POV. Plus, we’ll get to play with Watson! Wish I could also go: FinTech Sandbox, Education First.

5.30 pm: Another round of post NewCo drinks, this time at Education First.

Get out there and explore the great city of Boston at NewCo this year!

This post also appeared on NewCo Shift. 

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