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Jody Robie Becomes Shareholder in Talent Works International

Talent Works International is thrilled to announce that Jody Robie, the company’s Senior Vice President of North America has become a Shareholder and Director of the business. This is a move which not only highlights Jody’s dedication to the business but will help to facilitate ambitious growth in the US.

Jody joined Talent Works International in 2014 as Head of Client Development. Over the last 6 years she has worked tirelessly to establish the company’s presence in the US; using her expertise in employer branding, recruitment and talent acquisition. With a background in television, sales and recruitment combined with meticulous attention to detail, Jody has helped to win and develop new business for Talent Works International across RPO, Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding.

Neil Purcell, CEO of Talent Works International, says “Jody’s loyalty, dedication and drive has enabled us to establish our US business and offer opportunities that would not have been possible without her; contributing to growth, not only in North America, but across the organisation.

She has an unquestionable commitment to driving our business to the next level and I am delighted, proud and excited, to welcome Jody as a board member of Talent Works International.”

Jody has stated; “Having worked for some amazing leaders in my career it is a privilege to have the opportunity to join Neil Purcell as a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors.

“For 6 years I have had the chance to see first-hand the market’s demand for a strong and flexible talent attraction partner. Our ability to have feet on the ground in EMEA and North America allows Talent Works to quickly understand the market conditions, conduct the focus groups or research needed for core market intelligence and support the hiring process with validated employer branding and support at all levels.

“As the global Talent Acquisition industry continues to mature, our ability to not only provide outsourced recruitment and employer branding solutions but proven creative and digital messaging gives us a unique edge.”

Jody continues; “When people ask me what I like about working at Talent Works I explain that this is the company I was meant to join. Talent Attraction is beyond posting a job or raising a salary, it is about telling your story as an employer to the right people.

“Talent Works’ commitment to our employees is another big reason as to why I wanted to expand my role to the next level. Throughout my career in television and sales, I was sometimes the only woman in my role and often the only woman at my level. As the mother of 2 teenage daughters I want to continue to support and develop the women across our global teams. One of my first goals will be to launch a Women’s Affinity group globally across TWI to continue to support our employees across the business.”

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