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Meet the Finalists for Innovative Tech of the Year – Security

For the past twenty-two years, the MassTLC Leadership Awards have celebrated the best and the brightest of the Massachusetts technology ecosystem. The sixteen award categories, including a newly added category for the Massachusetts Growth Company of the Year, highlight the vitality, innovation and importance of the region’s internationally respected technology industry. In addition, for the first time, MassTLC will honor the visionary organizations that are pioneering digital transformations to innovate and re-imagine the future of the Commonwealth’s leading industries in the form of the newly created Digital Transformation awards category. 

The finalists in all sixteen categories were revealed during a reception  at PTC’s Boston headquarters on September 10. 

Winners will be announced at the All Stars of Tech Winners’ Celebration on November 6 at Fenway Park

In the meantime, let us introduce you to the finalists and the incredible work that they are doing here in Massachusetts – and how they are changing the world. 

In the words of their nominators, meet the 2019 “Innovative Tech of the Year in Security” finalists.






Twitter: @ibossCloud

What: The iboss cloud secures user Internet access on any device, from any location, in the cloud. The iboss cloud is delivered as a subscription, in the cloud, which eliminates the lost time and money when managing web gateway appliances. This allows organizations to re-purpose IT time in managing security and delivering on other business requirements.

How Technology is Used: The iboss cloud containerized cloud gateways not only run in iboss operated global data centers, but extend natively into large third-party clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Verizon Cloud. This extends the global reach of the iboss cloud far beyond the data centers that iboss operates to form a single larger mutli-tenant cloud than any competitor on the market. The ability to run concurrently in iboss cloud and third-party clouds also ensures that gateway capacity will be close to the user, giving fast cloud connections with the best user experience, while maintaining the highest level of protection

Why it Matters: The iboss cloud takes advantage of cloud elasticity to both protect users while on the road as well as scale automatically as user bandwidth and capacity demands increase, as well as, leverages the concept of horizontal scaling to achieve limitless expansion capabilities. Each organization is protected by cloud gateways that exist close to the user and process data for web filtering, malware defense and data loss prevention. 





Twitter: @Mimecast

What: Mimecast Awareness Training (AT) helps organizations across all industries and sizes reduce security risks associated with employee human error. Human error is involved in more than 90% of all security breaches. Mimecast AT saves companies time and money by significantly cutting down security problems, and drastically improving their human firewall.

How Technology is Used: 

Mimecast Awareness Training has creative, humorous content developed by TV/movie industry professionals, in addition to the tactical security tests – like mock phishing emails. The content is not overwhelming as to not disrupt the busy worker, 2-3-minute videos delivered monthly. Thanks to the relatable story-line and creative writing, employees are engaged, and the program collects great data on knowledge, behavior and sentiment – all indicators of human error risk.

Mimecast AT’s data-driven and objective model identifies the least/most engaged employees through risk scoring at both the company and employee levels. The scoring helps IT managers offer targeted trainings to those who need it most. The results have been clear, this program dramatically increases (up to 4x) employee’s knowledge of basic security issues and how to respond.

Why it Matters: 74% of companies only train employees once or twice a year on security-related issues, and the content has traditionally been boring, slow and daunting. The biggest impact Mimecast Awareness Training is engagement. Engagement is the key to retaining information, and when employees retain the training, breaches are reduced in a big way. By increasing employee knowledge of basic security issues, the organization’s sensitive information is far more protected, and less likely to be breached. With Mimecast Awareness Training, the overall market will employ workers with a better understanding of cyber threats that face them daily. The effective training through humor rather than fear will allow organizations to better protect their digital assets and save time and money as they’ll be dealing with far less breeches.




Twitter: @ReversingLabs

What: ReversingLabs focuses on Destructive Object Insights, providing security analysts with information about the malware they’re facing. The Titanium Platform is a hybrid cloud solution that delivers advanced malware analysis and destructive object insights into malware armed to destroy enterprise value. It provides the fastest and most accurate automated static analysis and file reputation services in the industry, identifying high priority threats hidden from existing security investments.

How Technology is Used: ReversingLabs’ automated static analysis and file reputation platform delivers the fastest and most accurate insights in the industry. The company maintains the largest repository of malware and goodware in the industry with close to 9 billion files and objects, and are the only vendor to speed analysis of files in milliseconds.

Why it Matters: ReversingLabs’ insights help companies understand if malware is part of of security event, if that malware is known or unknown, and the nature and severity of the threat it poses. They can make then quick and informed decisions on prioritization, whether they should de-prioritize the event because it is a false positive, label the malware in question a low threat, escalate the event to a full investigation or pass the event to the response team for immediate containment. ReversingLabs provides the speed, accuracy and scale needed to address the latest attacks, advanced persistent threats and polymorphic malware.


Silverside Detectors


Twitter: @SilverDetect

What: Silverside Detectors has developed and brought to market a novel thermal neutron detector that enables the Department of Homeland Security to expand its detection footprint for nuclear materials. The technology matches performance and reliability of the now-obsolete detectors that have historically been used, at a fraction of the cost.

How Technology is Used: Silverside’s product enables them to offer more efficient and cost-effective radiation detection systems. The potential impact is jump-starting new market engagements and enabling key partners to be competitive in large procurements based on price and performance, with the savings driven by the neutron detection technology.

Why it Matters: A significant number of international procurements of radiation detection systems do not require neutron detectors. This is due to the cost of He-3 and the functional limitations of other neutron detection technologies. The result is that a large number of deployed systems can detect radiological threats (e.g., radiological material stolen from medical and industrial tools) but are not sensitive to plutonium. The potential impact of Silverside’s technology is enabling OEM partners to offer neutron detection to end customers within their budgets, thus expanding the global preparedness against nuclear smuggling.




Twitter: @Sproxil

What: Sproxil builds trust across supply chains with mobile technology solutions that emphasize direct engagement from the factory through to the consumer by verification of products. Sproxil’s unique feature, in addition to verifying products, is that the company rewards customers for verifying and also rewards its trade partners for verifying products and tracks products from point A to B to avoid product infiltration. The company launched with a focus on counterfeit medicines.

How Technology is Used: Sproxil’s product verification technology ensures that consumers buy only genuine medicine by empowering consumers to help combat drug counterfeiting with a simple text message. The company’s technology products allow brand owners to engage with trade partners, influencers and consumers to earn and grow brand loyalty while protecting the brand from supply chain fraud, including counterfeiting and theft.

Why it Matters: Counterfeit medicine is a dangerous, multi-billion dollar problem that plagues patients, regulatory bodies, and the global health care industry. Fake anti-malarial and tuberculosis drugs alone account for over 700,000 reported annual deaths, according to the International Policy Network. The issue is worse in emerging markets, where limited oversight and smaller budgets create opportunities for counterfeiters to profit from the lives of others. Sproxil’s audience is able to ensure that they are purchasing genuine products, which saves them the cost of buying fake products. It helps the market filter out fake products and helps brand owners know where and how these products enter the market.

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