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Immigration Helping Build Canada’s A.I. Industry

A recent New York Times article examining the impact of immigration, as well as the unintended consequences of U.S. immigration policy, on the growth of Canada’s artificial intelligence (AI) industry should ring alarm bells in Massachusetts, home to many AI labs and companies.

Canada is a leader in AI and is committed to growing that sector of its economy. Some of the tools that the country is using to grow its AI industry are the dozens of provincial and federal programs aimed at attracting highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs. These programs are intended both to encourage foreign AI experts to move to Canada and to keep skilled graduates of Canadian universities in the country.

Some of Canada’s growth in the AI space may be coming at the expense of the U.S. The current American political climate seems to be helping Canada attract international talent and investment by American tech companies. The country has experienced a surge in student and temporary visas applications, and American firms like Microsoft, IBM, Google and Uber are growing or establishing their Canadian AI teams.

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