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HR and Marketing: Partners Supporting Rapid Growth 

The MassTLC CMO and CHRO Peer Community met this month to discuss the CMO/CHRO Axis and Business Impact. It was a lively discussion, with Skip Maloney, CHRO, Aspen Technology, and Lawrence Schwartz, CMO, Aspen Technology, leading the discussion on the following topics:  

  • How do marketing and HR collaborate to create a purpose-driven culture? 
  • Where do marketing and HR functions naturally interact in your organization? 
  • How should both groups work together around important milestones? 
  • How has COVID made you work together differently around major macroeconomic or workplace trends? 

 This blog highlights new perspectives and ideas shared among peers during the MassTLC event:

The culture of a company is constantly evolving with new employees and new leadership bringing in fresh perspectives and energy. So, it comes as no surprise that rapid growth can greatly impact the internal and external brand of the organization. In the midst of fast change, how does a company show people both inside and outside of the entity who they are and what they care about? 

Find alignment points across all audiences 

There are always different viewpoints, especially when companies are merging or growing. Identifying how to align on fundamental points and determining how to market change is a vital early step in the process. Working together, HR and Marketing can effectively communicate changes, being mindful to adapt the message for each audience. 

Build a communications strategy  

A well-conceived communications partnership between Marketing and HR can inform investors, engage customers, and support employees. Figure out what motivates people and ensure that you carry a common thread through your internal and external messaging. It’s imperative that everyone is reading from the same script. And selling HR programs internally happens much more easily and organically with Marketing’s assistance. 

Manage change to the best of your ability 

Make sure you have core principles in place to ground your culture, and then be fluid and adapt around those values. For example, you might change your operational processes or your pricing, but your integrity should remain intact. Keep in mind that too much change confuses and exhausts employees. Also, if you are welcoming acquired companies into the fold, ensure that the new employees are part of the process and feel ownership in the new company. 

It’s helpful to have a team approach to change, with senior leadership heading the initiative. Internal influencers and other change agents are also instrumental in carrying the message throughout the organization. Expand the tent and get more people involved whenever and wherever possible. A core internal team can track all the things that you need to do to reinforce these messages. 

Connect people and create community 

Whether you are dealing with an acquisition or not, connecting people via things they love to other members of the employee ecosystem helps build internal and external relationships and keeps employees engaged and connected.  

People tend to focus on differences, but we all need to remember that we have more in common than what divides us. Connecting the human experience by getting people together and learning about each other yields dividends for your culture. Once folks see coworkers as having commonalities, the culture strengthens. 

Working together, HR and Marketing can make a positive impact on your change management initiatives and company culture. Crafting and launching the right messaging helps effectively communicate the narrative you’ve defined, positively impacting your culture and helping your company—and its employees—thrive. 

This blog was written by Jessica Hennessey, who leads 3 Media Web as CEO and is dedicated to providing clients high-quality digital services. She has over 20 years’ experience in blending business goals, technical needs, and digital strategies to drive positive outcomes for her clients. 3 Media Web is a digital marketing and web design agency that specializes in delivering unified website services and strategies that inspire action. 

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