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How Building Positive Culture Can Take Your Organization to the Next Level

This post was written by Amber Howe, Chief People Officer, Amwell.

One of the most important aspects of my job as Chief People Officer is obtaining and listening to employees. The voice of your employees help to create a company culture that inspires each person in our organization to be their best selves, both inside and outside of the office. At Amwell, we’ve molded our culture around our employee feedback so we can continuously improve employee engagement at all levels. Prioritizing culture in your organization and listening to what will make the best experience can help you retain and attract employees that not only are happy but also produce exceptional work.

Below are my top three ways to produce positive culture:

Support Employees by Prioritizing Total Wellness

It’s critical to prioritize the total wellness of your employees through their mental, physical, emotional and financial health, and offer programs and services in support of these areas. By investing in employees’ total wellness, you are investing in your organization—and building a better company. Similarly, a virtual-first environment allows employees to live and work where they want, giving them increased flexibility. This flexibility improves employees’ ability to participate in programs that support their total wellness, whether it be closer proximity to medical appointments straight from work, saving money on transit and commuting, or allowing them to choose their surroundings so they can better focus and engage with their work. By implementing a virtual-first policy in your organization, you allow employees the freedom to prioritize their total wellness, while also enabling collaboration across a global workforce—expanding your possible talent pool and attracting employees with passion and drive.

Feedback Will Help Construct a Positive Culture

As mentioned earlier, getting and listening to employee feedback should be a priority as your employees are the heart and soul of your organization. Try collecting feedback by listening to employees through town halls and focus groups, as well as in regular employee engagement surveys. By listening to your employees, you’ll be able to drive initiatives and programs as well as benefits that resonate with the greatest number of individuals. By giving your employees opportunities to frequently contribute feedback on your culture, you allow them the opportunity to improve their work environment which can lead to happier talent and better results.

Be Upfront About Your Values to Attract Like-Minded Talent

Our mission and values are core to who we are as a company, and we ensure that they are front and center when hiring new employees and engaging current talent. In fact, most employees join Amwell because they want to be part of an organization that makes a difference, and they seek to be a part of healthcare transformation that Amwell is powering. Consider what your mission and values are at your organization, and whether those are reflected in your branding and the culture that candidates get a preview of during the interview process. If you work toward displaying your values outwardly for all, employees who are like-minded will be drawn to your organization naturally.

By implementing initiatives such as considering total wellness of employees, prioritizing employee feedback and leading with your mission and values to attract like-minded talent, you can build a culture that prioritizes employee wellbeing and ultimately positively affects the performance of your organization.


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