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Bombardier? Olympic Sailing Coach? The Predictive Index at NewCo Boston

Ever wonder why Bill in accounting would prefer never to leave his desk? Why Judy always needs to put her stamp on every project? Why Chris is jumping from one “brilliant” idea to the next but doesn’t seem to follow-through?

People are complex, especially at work. You can spend forever trying to figure out why your people behave the way they do—Why they aren’t responding well to your management style, why those two employees are constantly butting heads, why your team can’t seem to communicate effectively.

Military Lieutenant and Bombardier Officer Arnold Daniels flew countless missions for the U.S. Army Air Corps in the 1940s. Many of these missions involved psychologists who were brought on to study the success and failures of these bombing missions.

Hanging around these psychologists must have rubbed off on Daniels because the bombardier became passionate about the use of assessments for better communication and team develop. Fast-forward through years of education on behavioral testing and consulting on organizational development and personnel management, and Daniels creates what is now called The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

So, why the history lesson? Daniels founded The Predictive Index (PI) with the hopes of finally being able to understand why people behave the way they do—Why Judy wants her stamp on everything, why Chris never follows through.

PI’s current CEO Mike Zani ensures Daniel’s legacy lives on, dedicating his life to decoding human behavior and making organizations great through PI’s Better Work. Better World mantra.

Join this 1996 U.S. Olympic sailing coach and behavior guru on April 11th at 8:30AM at PI’s funky Westwood headquarters, as he shares the proven method PI has developed over the last 50 years for decoding human behavior, predicting workplace performance, hiring smart, and understanding how to manage more effectively.

Be prepared to ride scooters (yes, we said scooters), enjoy a tasty breakfast, and possibly hear a tale or two from the high seas.

You can register for Mike’s session here:

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