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Free Salary Negotiation Workshops for Women Now Available Online

In 2015, the City of Boston and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) teamed up to offer free, in-person salary negotiation workshops throughout the city. The goal of these workshops is to empower women to advocate for themselves in the job market.

Now, for the first time, the FREE workshop is available online for all women who live or work in Boston.

In 2018, we interviewed Alex Howley, Program Manager of Work Smart in Boston, about the benefits of the program.

According to Howley:

  • Nearly 90% of women took some kind of immediate action following the workshop. That could be anything from benchmarking a salary, taking 10 minutes to write down skills and accomplishments, having a conversation with colleagues about fair pay, or making the ask.
  • Workshop participants reported a shift in confidence and increased sense of professional worth
  • The study found that women who took the workshops were contributing to a “ripple effect” in that they started having conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and supervisors about the wage gap and equal pay. This effect plays a major role in shifting our workplace cultures and moving away from the silence and secrecy around fair pay that has perpetuated the wage gap for many years.

To read more about the AAUW salary negotiation curriculum and/or to sign up for both online and in-person workshops, click here.

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