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Everbridge and the Irma Emergency Response

Everbridge, Inc. headquartered in Burlington, MA, and the global leader in critical event management, has been front and center in preparations for and the response to Hurricane Irma. The company has provided its technology to the state of Florida, county governments, governmental agencies, and corporations in the hurricane-ravaged state.

In advance of the storm, the Florida emergency management agency used Everbridge technology to obtain contact and location information of residents in the storm’s expected path. The company then used this info to communicate with residents — and even with out-of-state relatives of residents — regarding their evacuation status and needs as well as relief efforts. The communication was multimodal and ranged from messages on highway signs to texts, emails, and calls to landlines. Additionally, the Everbridge technology was used to coordinate volunteers and relief efforts.

Learn more about Everbridge and its efforts during Hurricane Irma below:

Everbridge Helps FL Communities During Hurricane Irma

Interview with CEO Jaime Ellertson and CTO Imad Mouline


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