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Employers Are Looking for Job Candidates in the Wrong Places

There are over 6 million vacant jobs in the United States that employers continue to struggle to fill. Why? As employers, we are looking in the wrong places. 

In an insightful piece recently published in The Atlantic, Lolade Fadulu writes:

“[In] focusing their hiring efforts only on college graduates, many employers are overlooking pools of qualified applicants—a habit that’s mutually detrimental in that it can both undermine the company’s economic health and deprive promising Americans of opportunities in which they’d otherwise thrive.” 

In other words, employers may benefit drastically by refocusing their hiring efforts for the new year. Fortunately, thanks to technology and specialized consulting services, it’s becoming much easier to do exactly that. 

Read the full piece, Employers Are Looking for Job Candidates in the Wrong Placesin The Atlantic to learn more. 

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