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Digital Planning Strategies to Implement in 2022

I recently participated in a MassTLC panel discussion with marketing experts Ross Whitaker, Director of Global Market Development at InterSystems; Mark Goloboy, Global Revenue Marketing Leader at Formlabs; and Kate Pendarvis, Senior Director Digital Marketing at Progress. We discussed our latest planning strategies and insights around search engine optimization (SEO), marketing technology, and content marketing. Here’s what digital strategies the experts are planning for 2022:

A successful SEO strategy

Your overall SEO strategy can make or break your success. Here are some specific SEO tactics to implement 2022:

  1. Review your Core Web Vitals often
    The performance of your website directly impacts how high you rank on Google. Keep an eye on your site’s Core Web Vitals to help you maintain optimal metrics for Google’s ranking signals, boost traffic to your site, and reach new audiences. Updating broken links and using structured data can also keep your site healthy and improve your search rankings.
  2. Align your SEO and PPC team
    I and other practitioners advise joining your SEO and PPC efforts, especially when reviewing metrics at the beginning of a digital engagement. The team should be working under one budget. This will maximize your efficiency and optimize your digital marketing strategy.
  3. Craft an international SEO strategy
    There is a growing interest in international SEO. Companies looking to expand into international markets are leveraging translation tools and inbound marketing to identify where to focus their efforts. When crafting your international SEO strategy, be mindful that different regions interact with content differently. International audiences can have various tolerance levels towards the use of different dialects and even designs and colors.

Lean on the Marketing Technology Stack

Marketers are always on the lookout for new tools that enhance their marketing efforts. Check out the Martech Stack for a trusted group of tools that marketers use to conduct marketing activities.

Before you invest in a new marketing tool, make sure not to double up on accounts/invoices. If there are multiple marketers or teams at your organization, keep track of who is using what. If you do find a tool that would benefit others in your organization, share the intel! Not sure what everyone at your organization is using right now? Time for an audit! Have everyone create a list of the tools they use, what the use is, and who the point of contact is.

Want to improve your page speed without spending a dime? Get rid of tools you rarely use that are slowing down your site!

Learn more about what you can do to upgrade your site’s performance here.

Don’t forget about content

Establish a plan to keep your content fresh and aligned with your audiences’ interests. Check your analytics weekly to identify which content is performing best, and update your strategy accordingly to boost your return on investment (ROI). Remember: old content can still be good content. Take a look at your top-performing content and refresh it to keep it relevant and accurate.

A content marketing specialist can audit your content and provide recommendations for a solid content strategy. Partnering with an agency to bolster your digital strategy and augment your internal resources can position you to reach new audiences and grow your business.

This post originally appeared on Imarc’s website. Read the original here.

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