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DevSecOps: Simplifying Complexity in a Changing World

It’s been over 15 years since DevOps burst onto the scene. Yet expanding its scope to include security introduced additional challenges organizations must overcome to successfully implement DevSecOps.

From tech complexities to culture and collaboration, the latest report from Progress outlines everything you need to know to understand the state of DevSecOps around the world. It further shares what those succeeding with it have in common.

Some initial findings include:


of organizations still considered themselves at an exploratory and proof-of-concept stage in respect to DevSecOps.


experienced challenges in their current approaches to security and 51% admitted that they didn’t fully understand how security fits into DevSecOps.


agreed that culture was the biggest barrier to DevSecOps progress.

Visit Progress to access the full report and get the actionable advice your organization needs to become a leader in the DevSecOps space.




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