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Cyber-Ready — Today and for Tomorrow: PwC Shares 2021 Digital Trust Insights Snapshot Survey Results

Companies are spending more on cyber security than ever before, but are they putting their money in the right place?

Technology Executive Poll

The PwC 2021 US Digital Trust Insights Snapshot is a poll of 322 security and technology executives (CISOs, CIOs and similar titles) of US-based companies on how to be cyber ready for the future.

Survey respondants come from a range of industries, including industrial manufacturing and automotive (23%), tech, media, telecom (19%), financial services (15%), consumer markets (15%), health (14%), and energy, utilities and mining (13%).

The full report is available for free, here.

Key findings include:

  • More than half of CISOs and CIOs say that cybersecurity is receiving significant investment in these areas in the next year: tech (57%), people (52%), governance/process (50%). 
  • Half or more of CIOs and CISOs say they still haven’t fully mitigated the risks associated with remote work (50%), digitization (53%) or cloud adoption (54%). 
  • Only 37% say that their security initiatives are ahead of the pace of their organizations’ digital transformations.
  • Only 55% or fewer of victims said they were “well prepared” to address the breaches they experienced in the last 15 months — meaning that 45% weren’t.
  • More than 60% expect significant jumps in malware via software updates (66%), attack on software supply chain (64%), and attack on cloud services (64%).
  • Nearly three-quarters (72%) expect cyber will become an important board focus as the year progresses; and two-thirds anticipate data security and privacy’s becoming a focus of investor ESG ratings.

For more insights, download the full report from PwC.

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