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CIC Health: Meet Tech Top 50 ‘Best Pivot to Meet the New World’ Honoree

The MassTLC Tech Top 50 celebrates tech companies and leaders across the region who have made a significant impact in the community during the past 12 month. This year, we are excited to recognize winners across 8 categories: Best Pivot to Meet the New World, Business Accomplishment, Company Culture, Inclusivity Impact, Leadership, New Company of the Year, Tech for Good: Social Responsibility, and Tech to Watch.

Forty-nine honorees were chosen across these categories, with the final recognition, the Mosaic Award, given to Chevalier “Chevy” Cleaves, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of MIT Lincoln Laboratory, for his work creating access and opportunity for future leaders. View the full list of winners, here

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about each of the recipients to spotlight their accomplishments and their impact on customers, partners, employees, and the broader community.

Today, meet CIC Health, one of this year’s honorees for Best Pivot to Meet the New World.

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Describe the pivot/transformation that led to the Tech Top 50 recognition.

Following the initial COVID-19 lockdown, when employers were allowed to welcome employees back into the workplace, Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) – like many organizations focused on shared office space – found its clients hesitant to return due to legitimate health concerns. CIC Founder and CEO Tim Rowe and other members of the CIC leadership team rolled up their sleeves, dug into the challenge, and ultimately determined the key to making clients feel safe: routine, affordable, and reliable COVID-19 testing. Word of CIC’s initiative spread swiftly to non-client companies and academic institutions, which led to them asking if the company could handle their testing needs. It was at that moment CIC decided to institute a whole new venture: CIC Health.

What impact did the pivot/transformation have?

In August 2020, CIC Health began facilitating COVID-19 testing services for businesses, schools, and hospitals. By the end of 2020, they had opened dozens of public testing sites across New England with no lines and reduced results turnaround time. To date, they have facilitated more than 2 million tests, including testing over 600 schools and more than 375 organizations, and operating 37 public testing sites across three states, 33 of which were free, covered by the states of VT, MA, and CT.  They also were tapped by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to run four of its mass vaccination sites and over 20 community vaccination sites, facilitating more than 1.2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses in the process.

What does it mean to be recognized with the other Tech Top 50 honorees?

It is an honor to be recognized with the other Tech Top 50 honorees, especially as CIC Health was created just over a year ago.  It is not in our nature to sit idly by and let others solve pressing problems. We are innovators and disruptors – inherent pivoters, and we couldn’t be more excited to be an honoree for the category of Best Pivot to Meet the New World.


Learn more about Tech Top 50 and meet all the winners, here.



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