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Chewy Is Donating $1.7M in Supplies to Animal Shelters and Rescues

This post was originally published by Built in Boston.

While being quarantined means you get to spend a lot more time with your furry friends, there are a lot of animals out there that aren’t as lucky. The global pandemic has also hit animal shelters and rescues, leaving many without necessary supplies or assistance.

So Chewy, the online pet supply retailer, is stepping in to help.

Chewy has partnered with charitable organization to donate over $1.7 million in pet food, healthcare supplies and other products to animal welfare organizations.

“Chewy is committed to helping shelters and rescues, who provide a valuable and essential service to the health and well-being of animals in communities across the country, during this unprecedented time,” Chewy CEO Sumit Singh said in a statement. “We remain dedicated to our partners operating on the frontlines of the current situation and will continue to look for ways to donate more. By partnering with, we are able to direct resources to pets in highly impacted regions who need it most.”

The company will be focusing its efforts on areas where animal shelters are most affected by the social and economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. This includes California, Washington and New York, among others. Donations are expected to continue through the month of April and beyond.

As an e-commerce company that operates mostly online, Chewy is perhaps better situated to weather the coronavirus storm than animal shelters, which require in-person volunteers and people coming in to adopt animals. This is all the more reason why the company is in a position to give back.

At the end of January, Chewy announced its plans to hire up to 100 people for its headquarters in Boston.

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