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Cengage And Follett Announce Plans To Offer Cengage Unlimited Subscriptions Via Campus Stores And Websites

BOSTON and WESTCHESTER, Ill. —March 15, 2018—Cengage, an education and technology company, and Follett Corporation today announced an extensive partnership to distribute, market and promote Cengage Unlimited, making this innovative subscription service available at all of Follett’s more than 1,200 campus locations and online, beginning this fall.

First-of-its-Kind Subscription

Cengage Unlimited is the first-of-its-kind subscription that gives students access to all the company’s digital higher education materials—more than 22,000 products across 70 disciplines and more than 675 courses—for $119.99 a semester, no matter how many Cengage materials they use. Students using the digital platforms also have the option of free print rentals, paying only a $7.99 shipping fee.

“Cengage Unlimited offers students complete access to quality learning materials at an affordable price point.  For one price, students can use all our products via a subscription service, which is a familiar, attractive delivery method for today’s students,” said Todd Markson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cengage. “Working with Follett, we are confident that many more students will improve their chances of learning success.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cengage to increase access to affordable course materials for students across our network of campus stores,” said Jennifer Hatton, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations and Course Materials, Follett Higher Education. “As our campus partners come under increasing pressure to affordably deliver educational outcomes, it’s imperative that Follett be there to help. One of the ways we plan to assist with this challenge is by offering Cengage Unlimited.”

Over the past year, Cengage and Follett have developed a digital integration which seamlessly delivers Cengage digital products both online and in-store. Cengage materials are available at all Follett campus locations, both for standalone sale and through Follett’s includED program, to ensure students and faculty have access to everything they need on day-one of a course.

This partnership is another significant step forward in Cengage’s pursuit of making Cengage Unlimited, and its unprecedented and affordable access to all the company’s course materials, available to all students, wherever they are.  This follows other recent Cengage Unlimited partnership announcements, highlighting the strong momentum, clear value proposition and customer demand.

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About Cengage

Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. As the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher ed, we offer valuable options at affordable price points. Our industry-leading initiatives include Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service.  We embrace innovation to create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Headquartered in Boston, Cengage also serves K-12, library and workforce training markets around the world. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

About Follett

As a leading provider of education technology, services and physical and digital content, Follett works with 80,000 schools and operates more than 1,200 local campus stores and 1,600 virtual stores across North America.  With the 2016 acquisition of Baker & Taylor, LLC, Follett’s reach also extends into the public library and global retail markets. For more information, visit

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