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Calling All Security Professionals

We live in interesting times with respect to cybersecurity. The threats of today are fundamentally different and more sophisticated than those of the past: nation-state actors, well-funded criminal organizations, and individual attackers are targeting organizations both large and small, and doing unprecedented damage. As FBI Director Christoper Wray recently pointed out, security risks have “mushroomed into full-blown economic espionage and extremely lucrative cyber crime.”

As the hub of cybersecurity, however, Massachusetts continues to drive innovation and growth to help counter these threats. Some of the world’s largest security companies have been built here, spurred by the confluence of capital, talent, and space. For CISOs and CIOs responsible for managing risk for their companies, the MassTLC security community offers an opportunity to stay informed about not only new ideas, but also best practices and community initiatives that are reshaping the security landscape. We welcome all security professionals to join us, and to become part of the expansive security innovation story both here in Boston and beyond.

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