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BTJ Sponsor MathWorks: Three IoT/Robotics Demos

MassTLC member, MathWorks, is an underwriting sponsor of this year’s Boston TechJam (BTJ). We asked the MathWorks team to talk about what makes Boston special and why they’re lending their support to BTJ.


Bigger and Better

We have participated in one other BTJ. Based on that experience, we decided to increase our involvement by becoming an underwriting sponsor. This is a great opportunity for MathWorks staff to show off their projects. 

IoT, Robotics, and Talent

In our booth, we’ll be featuring three IOT/robotics demos:

  • Self-Balancing Desktop Motorcycle
  • Facial Recognition People Counter
  • Drawing Robot 

Attendees can see unique, creative, innovative programming that MathWorks is working on, learn what MathWorks is all about, and discover that we are recruiting talent. 

Why We Love BTJ

Events like this are needed to harness new ideas and inspire people to innovate. We’ll have over a dozen employees representing us at our booth, and many others attending.

Start Your Company in MA!

We have a wealth of advanced education in the state with a large pool of talented students and many innovative companies to collaborate with.


How to Get Involved with BTJ

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