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Big Data & Life Sciences Report

The Life Sciences Delphi report is part of MasstLc’s series on big data in key industries in Massachusetts. almost two years ago, we released a report on big data in the region and have been focused on how to identify economic development opportunities for big data within the commonwealth. the objective of the Big Data and Life Sciences Delphi process is to build on the technology legacy and unique collection of assets in the life sciences and healthcare sectors in Massachusetts to target areas that can advance technology- driven data science initiatives in life sciences.

as part of the Delphi process, MassTLC convened a Big Data Life Sciences roundtable, held on November 7, 2013, which included representatives from pharma, biotech, personalized medicine, venture capital, patient-centered disease research groups, academics and government. this report summarizes the fundamental challenges that were discussed, points to possible solutions, and highlights a real use case study in Massachusetts that has developed collaborative research frameworks and provides early models for success in applying big data technology in life sciences.

Download the full report here.

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