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Artaic Expands Home Customization

Ted Acworth is inching closer to his goal of making the ancient art form of mosaics accessible to most 21st century homeowners.

Acworth, a mechanical engineer and world traveler, started the Boston-based company Artaic a decade ago after he looked into decorating his home with custom tile mosaics, but discovered it would be too expensive and complicated. To try and solve that problem, his company developed a custom mosaic design and manufacturing service that uses robots and software to make the process more efficient and less costly.

Acworth, Artaic’s CEO, has methodically built what he says is a profitable company by selling primarily to hotels, restaurants, airports, universities, and other businesses and organizations that have the budgets for art installations. Artaic’s products have been installed in homes, but they tend to be large, expensive projects, and they make up a small portion of the company’s overall sales, Acworth says.

Now, with the help of a recent $2.1 million venture funding round from China-based Lesso and InTeahouse, Artaic intends to market its mosaics more aggressively to consumers interested in adding unique and ornate decor to, say, their kitchen, bathroom, or the bottom of their pool.

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