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AI Voice Technology is a Necessity for Patient Access

Parlance removes communication barriers between patients and the care they need, when they need it.

In this digital age, many of us take for granted the sea of information available at our fingertips. In healthcare, portals, online appointment schedulers, chat bots, and digital charts make it easier to access information than ever before. But in many cases, the biggest consumers of healthcare and health systems today are often disabled individuals, or people over the age of 60. In general, these are individuals that may not choose to use the portal as much as a different population, and the information that we take for granted is difficult to access for them.

Many high utilizers of healthcare have trouble reading digital web pages, listening to verbal directions, or moving fingers across a keypad. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of all health systems to make sure that ALL patients are able to quickly and easily access the care that they need. Patients shouldn’t have to work so hard to access care. If a patient is having problems with their medication or scheduling an appointment with their provider due to a tremor in their hand, call abandonment doesn’t just mean poor customer service, it means a worsened condition. In healthcare, ease of access is not simply matter of good customer service – it is a matter of life and death. The healthcare consumer journey should be effortless. It must start with great first impression and easy access to care.

Intelligent voice solutions expand patient access by allowing callers to speak naturally and connect quickly. If a patient is visually or hearing impaired or has limited mobility in their hands, they no longer need to listen for long menus, and try and press small numbers on a phone pad. The voice is the most natural user interface. Give people the ability to communicate in their own words, and immediately cut down hold times and free up agents to help callers who may need more help. When health systems leverage intelligent voice technology, callers that would otherwise struggle to navigate maze-like phone trees and get frustrated waiting on hold are instantly able to get access to the care they need. 

The idea of digital transformation is often daunting. All hospitals want to help their patients, but budgets are tight, and the overhead involved in overhauling the existing system can be challenging. Parlance is a Software as a Service company delivering intelligent speech-driven solutions as a fully managed service with guaranteed ROI. Health systems nationwide rely on Parlance every day to modernize call handling, improve the caller experience, and reduce operational cost by combining Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our solutions integrate with the major EHR systems and leverage the best in voice technology. More than industry-leading technology, Parlance is a world-class team that is dedicated to improving the patient experience and taking ownership of day-to-day performance.

Some individuals can be hesitant to use an automated system. Robotic voices don’t feel familiar, and this reduces engagement with speech-enabled technologies like Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) and conversational AI. Parlance offloads 40-65% of calls and ensures optimal caller engagement by delivering IVRs and IVAs with a human voice. As a result of the live recordings, Parlance automated systems feel more like personal interactions and are widely accepted by callers, yielding better performance. Digital care with a human touch. Patients don’t want robotic interactions; they want effortless interactions. Callers who may otherwise not feel comfortable being served by a synthetic, robotic system are much more likely to self-serve with Parlance.

Leveraging conversational AI to improve access to care for disenfranchised populations is both a responsibility and a necessity for health systems everywhere. Patients should be able to speak naturally to get the service they need. With Parlance, digital transformation is quick and easy, and the patient experience improves immediately.

About Parlance

For over 25 years, organizations nationwide have depended on Parlance to modernize and improve the first 30 seconds of every caller’s journey and remove barriers to service. With Parlance, people can speak naturally and connect directly to the resources they need. No confusing menus, no numbers to press, no long hold times. Parlance relieves the burden of routine transfers and poor self-service, so business operations are optimized, and live agent effort is saved for more complex calls. Healthcare customer service desperately needs transformation. The Parlance team is ready to face this challenge with compassion, determination, patience, and more experience than any competitor.


This post was originally published on the Parlance blog.

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