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A Downturn Economy: Survive with a Customer Focused Demand Gen Strategy

On June 16th MassTLC’s Growth Community hosted a roundtable discussion for demand generation practitioners facing the impact of losing channels after the sudden COVID-19 shutdown. Attendees discussed new strategies for sucess, planning for 2021, and the latest research on customer attitudes in our session, A Downturn Economy: Survive with a Customer Focused Demand Gen Strategy.
The meeting was led by John Neeson, Founder-Board Member and Adjunct Professor, with Tom Rogers, VP of Global Growth Marketing, Rapid7. You can view the virtual meeting, here:
Here are some meeting highlights:
John Neeson introduced the discussion with recent research from John Penrose, CEO
of Leading Indicator Systems. His findings showed that post-COVID-19 less than 10% of people think we’ll go back to normal. Sixty percent are very worried about their health and their loved ones. One in 3 didn’t receive weekly expectations from managers, 50%t feel disconnected from their teams, less than 7% are very worried about their jobs and future. Finally, most feel more productive from home, while the majority feel sales are ineffective and insensitive in their selling during crisis. The study indicates that the emotional landscape has changed. People need safety and security, emotional connection, and a higher purpose.
The session focused on three areas : Customer focus, growth and the buyer’s
journey. Listen to the discussion as Tom details strategies that are not only working
but strengthening Rapid7’s customer base and how their approach to strategic
planning will prep the company for success. John navigates the discussion through these
vital areas, while practitioners share what is working and what isn’t.

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