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6 Cybersecurity Topics to Watch

Ahead of last month’s Davos meeting, the World Economic Forum warned that “Cyberattacks are perceived as the global risk of highest concern to business leaders in advanced economies.” (Read the full WEF Global Risks Report 2018).

Cybersecurity is a hot topic right now and only expected to increase in importance as our cyber capabilities continue to progress. As business, tech, and policy leaders, it’s important that we focus on key topics as they emerge.

To understand where our focus should be directed, Yahoo Finance asked experts: What is the topic or topics that business and government leaders should be focusing on when it comes to cybersecurity and policy in 2018?

The top results:

  1. Cryptocurrency ecosystems
  2. Election security
  3. DevSecOps (think: IoT, cars, airlines, smart homes, smart cities, the Internet)
  4. Increased regulation
  5. Cyber warfare
  6. Attribution

Jason Glassberg, co-founder of Casaba Security broke down each of these in an article for Yahoo Finance. Read the full piece, here.


Interested in learning more about what the Mass tech community is doing to tackle cyber security challenges? Check out the MassTLC Security Community for the latest local news and updates.

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