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5 Reasons Tech Companies are Flocking to MassTLC in 2017

In 2016 we conducted a listening tour and asked members (and some non-members) to share with us what value they get from MassTLC and what they are seeking from their participation in MassTLC. We’ve synthesized input into five key reasons for joining.

  1. Visibility – Tech companies are seeking visibility for their company, key executives, products, and initiatives in order to build their brand, and attract talent, customers, investment, etc. They cited signature events like the Mass Technology Leadership Awards Gala, Boston/TechJam, and NewCo, as well as speaking and sponsorship as a platform for visibility.
  2. Professional Development – Tech executives are looking to develop their talent and see MassTLC local persistent peer groups and leadership opportunities as a better alternative to distant one-off conferences. Senior executives plug into and take leadership roles in our CTO, CMO, and CISO peer groups, as well as peer mentoring at our CXO dinners and leadership opportunities. The next level of Demand Gen, UI/UX, Product Development, Talent, and others gather in their own peer groups.
  3. Pay it Forward/Giving Back – Successful executives who have been helped (or wish they had) are eager to pay it forward to the next generation and share the lessons they have learned along the way. They participate in our CEO mentoring, Technovation mentoring/judging, and Growth related programs.
  4. Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Tech – Executives plug into the MassTLC network to keep up on the latest technology, policy, and business trends. They participate in MassTLC research projects, attend the innovation, software development, and security related programming, and online content.
  5. Civic Engagement & Economic Development – MassTLC members are very bullish on Massachuestts and participate in initiatives focused on telling the unique Massachusetts story via our Annual State of the Tech Economy report, DC Fly-In, Beacon Hill Tech Caucus, etc.

MassTLC members benefit from an onboarding process where we develop a plan to engage key executives and kick off the membership. Our account strategy means that MassTLC takes responsibility for tracking member participation and reaching out to engage members.

If you’re interested in learning how MassTLC membership can help you get where you are going faster, please contact membership@masstlc.org .

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