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Calling All Lapsed Members: We Want You Back!

At MassTLC, we hate saying good-bye. While we understand that turnover is a natural part of any business, it pains us when members of our amazing tech community leave. So, we’re reaching out to our lapsed members to let them know that we want you back!

We know that it can be difficult to take advantage of memberships, so we’re here to help you with that.

Whether it’s getting the right people in your company signed up for our peer groups, working with your team on promoting your content, events and jobs on our website, advising you on opportunities for company visibility, or offering you talent recruitment and development programs, we will help you map out the best way to maximize the value of your membership.

Just to help you hit the ground running, we have a very special offer for companies that renew by August 15th. Contact Rita Gildea, rita@masstlc.org, to learn more.


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