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Diversity Job Boards – MassTLC’s Top 10 List

Diversity job boards help you learn how to create a more diverse workplace and find qualified job applicants from underrepresented groups. It has been proven over and over, directly linking to benefits such as higher retention rates and increased financial performance. To achieve a more diverse workplace, leaders are encouraged to create diversity mentorship programs, increase training on microaggressions and cultural differences, and implement (and continually analyze) diversity metrics, among others.

However, diversity efforts shouldn’t be limited to post-hire. To build a diverse talent pipeline, leaders should also implement diversity strategies during recruitment. For example, when attracting talent to your organization, you should access diverse job boards, making sure you’re attracting qualified job applicants from underrepresented groups.

We’ve created a go-to list for you to shortcut the search for diverse job boards. Let’s look at our top ten.

1. Diversity.com

Part of the Circa talent acquisition network, Diversity.com is one of the largest diversity job boards nationally. This job board broadly appeals to millions of job seekers, as it offers searches for women, Black Americans, Asians, Latinx, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, veterans, and Native Americans. An additional 12 diversity job boards, including WeHireWomen.comBlackCareers.org, and LatPro exist under the Diversity.com umbrella.

2. Diversity Job Board

Another broad diversity job board is Diversity Job Board, targeting career opportunities for minorities, women, and job seekers with disabilities. The goal of Diversity Job Board is to connect qualified diverse candidates with well-paying employers.

3. Professional Diversity Network

Positioning itself as the #1 diversity recruitment platform in the United States, Professional Diversity Network focuses on pairing qualified diverse job candidates with employers wishing to boost diversity within their workforce. As one of seven “culturally distinct” websites, the Professional Diversity Network prides itself on being more engaging with employers and applicants than your standard job board. Other job boards under this umbrella include military2career.com and proable.com.

4. Tech Ladies

With more than 100,000 online members globally, Tech Ladies focuses solely on connecting women in tech with job opportunities with employers worldwide. Tech Ladies is also a member of the United Nations Equal Pay International Coalition.

5. Blackjobs.com

At BlackJobs.com, the site posts over 10,000 job openings with employers that support diversity in hiring. Specifically promoting well-paying job opportunities among the African American community, BlackJobs.org promotes job openings nationally across various industries.

6. HBCU Connect

When posting on top diversity job boards, don’t forget those focusing on college students and alumni, such as HBCU Connect. This job board connects students and alumni from all Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) nationwide. In addition to posting available jobs, HBCU Connect users can also network with alumni and other students, creating additional professional opportunities.

7. Hispanic/Latino Professional Association

The Hispanic/Latino Professional Association (HLPA) provides numerous job resources for both job seekers and employers, including career information, job openings, and other diversity-based resources. Here, Hispanic and Latino job candidates can browse continually updated job openings from “quality socially conscious organizations” that support hiring Hispanic and Latino employees. Further, HLPA posts an annual list of America’s Best Places for Latinos to Work.

8. LGBTConnect.com

As one of eleven related diverse job sites, LGBTConnect.com’s mission is to connect hiring employers with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Other job sites under this umbrella of connected job boards include OutandEqual.com and DiversityinHigherEducation.

9. Inclusively.com

On the Inclusively job board, the employment platform is built for those candidates needing workplace accommodations, such as remote work, screen readers, service animals, and accessible parking, among many others. In addition, job seekers with disabilities, chronic illness, and mental health conditions can search for positions matching their experience, skills, goals, and accommodations. Further, job seekers can request communication preferences from the start, making the recruitment process more inclusive during the interview process.

10. RecruitMilitary.com

Rounding out our go-to list of top diversity job boards is RecruitMilitary. This job board focuses on transitioning military veterans to the civilian workforce. Through job boards, job fairs, and other employment resources, RecruitMilitary plays a vital role with its 1,000,000-veteran database.

By casting a wider job board net on these top diversity job boards, you’ll have greater success attracting high-quality, diverse job candidates. Want to learn more about boosting diversity in your workplace? Contact Cangrade today to learn more.


This post was originally published on the Cangrade blog.

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