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Workplace Wellness: The importance of wellness benefits and a supportive and inclusive workplace

Many organizations are starting to take a broader view of wellness at work—to include not just physical, but emotional, social, and even financial health. The impact of physical, mental, and financial stressors is substantial, costing American businesses billions a year in lost productivity and talent attrition. As health and wellness have increasingly become a business imperative, many companies are thinking creatively and finding new ways to deploy resources to better support employee physical, mental, and financial health.

Boston Business Journal Market President Carolyn Jones talked with Jon Bernstein, Regional President, PNC Bank; Jane Steinmetz, Boston Office Managing Principal, EY and Beth Chandler, President & CEO, YC Boston about these important issues.

“Employees want more choices. They want personalized choices. Wellness programs are most effective when reaching all levels of an organization. Employers are realizing that addressing the needs of their employees, is a responsibility and opportunity. it’s good for an employee, it’s good for their family, it’s good for retention, it’s good for business, it’s good way for looking at our roles in the communities that we serve.”  Jon Bernstein, Regional President, PNC Bank

Read a re-cap of the conversation here.

The Impact of Financial Stress



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