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Why The Predictive Index is Excited for BTJ

We’re excited to return to BTJ
This will be our second year at Boston TechJam, and we’re looking forward to June 13!

The Predictive Index is the leader in talent optimization, a discipline that empowers entire organizations to align their people strategy with their business strategy for optimal business results.

While we’ve been in the Boston area for more than 60 years, we’re actually relatively new to the local tech scene, as just this year we rebooted with a $50M investment from General Catalyst! BTJ is an awesome opportunity for us to connect with some of the best and brightest in Boston tech.

Understand yourself and others through competitive games
What would you say if—in just six minutes—we could tell you how you like to work, how you learn best, and how you prefer to be managed? It might seem like magic. But it’s not magic—it’s science.

At BTJ, you and your friends will be amazed at the accuracy of your behavioral assessment. Put those insights to the test in an epic cornhole game based on personality types, or visit our interactive photo booth.

Why half of our staff come to BTJ
When you have more than 140 employees, it can be hard to entice half your workforce to attend an after-hours event. Not at PI.

We’re passionate about the work we do and our mission of “Better Work, Better World,” and we can’t wait to bring that enthusiasm to TechJam! We see how our product changes workplaces daily, and we want everyone to see how a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other can transform how we work.

(Also, we like to have fun, and BTJ is a great place for that!)

We hope to see you there—register for TechJam today.

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