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EQengineered, SolidEnergy Systems, X Technology Global, Zoovu

Welcome June ’19 New Members

A total of four new member organizations joined the MassTLC community during the month of June. As always, they represent a variety of companies across different industries. Welcome to all!

Read on to learn more about each member and the work that their teams do here in Massachusetts.







We design and build digital experiences to satisfy human needs and transform businesses. EQengineered’s human-centric focus begins with our relationships and is the directional beacon for every project, meeting, email and line of code we deliver. Our team shares a common DNA – designing and architecting with empathy. From a perspective of empathy, we strive to connect with our clients’​ pains, goals, priorities and milestones so we can constantly ensure our focus is on delivering solutions that solve real world problems. EQengineered designs and builds digital customer experiences with empathy and emotion to satisfy human needs and transform businesses.





SolidEnergy Systems LLC

SolidEnergy Systems (SES) is the world leader in Li-Metal technology. It develops and manufactures Li-Metal materials, cells, and packs for drones, consumer electronics and automotive applications. SolidEnergy today manufactures the world’s lightest rechargeable cells at pilot scale for prototype demonstration and specialized aerospace markets. But our real future lies in the materials we supply—anodes and electrolyte—for mainstream markets such as consumer electronics and electric vehicles. We supply these to large Li-ion cell manufacturers to be integrated with a separator and cathode into full cells which can be customized for different applications including drones, consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

Because our anode and electrolyte materials are compatible with existing Li-ion cell manufacturing processes, we can achieve scalability by using existing infrastructure. This eliminates the need for costly infrastructure investment. It’s all part of our open ecosystem. It means a more seamless end-user experience, faster prototyping and no limits to growth.


We offer comprehensive, proven, end-to-end IT asset disposition services. Our services include legislative compliance, data security and destruction, risk management, redeployment, re-marketing, lease return, logistics management, and environmentally responsible recycling of all types of information technology. We will maintain complete control over the entire process to ensure absolute data security and maximum environmental sustainability.
Our fully integrated approach delivers:
• Maximum return on investment
• Minimum environmental impact from the disposition of IT assets
• Complete asset tracking, onsite with full audit trail
• Full compliance
• Full indemnity Retire, re-market, resell, and recycle, and return.
We will supply the customer with the highest rate of return on these assets.


zoovu is the ultimate AI-Conversational Marketing Platform. We help brand and retailers create conversations that convert. zoovu digital assistants interact with billions of consumers every day to help them find the perfect product by asking questions. Our goal is to bring the human touch to digital channels with conversational AI. zoovu helps brands and retailers to truly understand their consumers and humanize the digital experience. Our commitment to combining the human touch with tangible ROI is at the core of who we are – without it, we’d be just another SaaS company.

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