Understanding API Developer Experience

Developer experience (DX) is an extension of general User Experience, which emphasizes the developer, and their experiences working your API. A good API developer experience goes beyond technical writing. It is about providing all the right resources that help your end consumers successfully integrate and work with your API. A well designed developer experience has API documentation at the center of it.

API documentation is the information that is required to successfully consume and integrate with an API. This would be in the form of technical writing, code samples and examples for better understanding how to consume an API.

The OpenAPI Specification is the industry standard API design framework, allowing developers and teams to design, build, document and consume RESTful web services. The OpenAPI Specification is the de facto framework used when API practitioners want to optimize the developer experience.

I will be speaking about what it means to have an API with good DX by understanding the types of API consumers and their journey from discovery to API integration, and how OpenAPI Spec/Swagger can help in improving general API DX with great documentation.


Kershav Vasudevan – SmartBear Software

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