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Dexai Robotics : Meet Tech Top 50 ‘Robotics’ Winner

The MassTLC Tech Top 50 celebrates tech companies and leaders across the region who have made a significant impact in the community during the past 12 month. This year, we are excited to recognize winners across 11 categories: Business Accomplishment, Environmental Impact, Leadership, Mosaic (for DEI leadership), Social Responsibility Impact, and the Technology of the Year categories: Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Tech, Consumer Tech, Cybersecurity, Healthcare Tech, and Robotics.

Forty-nine honorees were chosen across these categories, with the final recognition, the Commonwealth Award, given to industry pioneer and co-creator of the spreadsheet, Dan Bricklin.  View the full list of Tech Top 50 winners, here.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about each of the recipients to spotlight their accomplishments and their impact on customers, partners, employees, and the broader community.

Today, meet Dexai Robotics, this year’s winner for Robotics.

Dexai Robotics to revolutionize the food industry by improving the lives of kitchen staff everywhere, enabling them to focus on what matters: creating amazing culinary experiences for customers. Dexai’s collaborative robot, Alfred offers an affordable, fast, and accurate kitchen addition to autonomously prepare delicious recipes.


Describe the new product, including the goal (the why), function (the what), customers (for whom) and why the product and its technology are unique

Dexai automates foodservice activities using flexible robotic arms which can be retrofitted into existing kitchens and assemble delicious recipes such as salads and poke bowls.

Dexai’s solution adapts to existing restaurant equipment and requires no change to processes, tools (e.g., utensils), or recipes. In fact, Dexai’s robot arm, Alfred, uses off-the-shelf utensils to scoop and pick food ingredients stored in industry standard food containers and fridge units.

Additionally, Dexai predominantly uses existing hardware solutions, enabling pay-as-you-go pricing (RaaS) pricing for customers minimizing adoption barriers. With this model, restauranteurs are able to address structural long-standing labor shortages without investing large amounts of capital.

Lastly, Dexai is building a hardware platform which can extend support to other kitchen tasks such as frying and cooking using over-the-air software updates.

What measurable success has this product achieved (this can be qualitative and/or quantitative)?

Alfred, Dexai’s robotic sous-chef, is helping alleviate the acute labor gap that is affecting the food industry. In fact, more than 70% of foodservice operators are understaffed, a figure that has remained consistent for over 2 decades. Turnover in the food industry is also skyrocketing, reaching exceeding 150% for some positions. Alfred resolves some of these issues by automating activities in commercial kitchens, resulting in less demand on staff as well as 30% to 50% lower unit cost for every meal.

What does it mean to be recognized with the other Tech Top 50 honorees?

We’re deeply honored to be recognized by MassTLC in the Robotics category. The recognition reflects not only how advanced our technology is, but also the industry’s massive need for such a solution. It’s a very exciting time for robotics, as the industry matures beyond pilots and cool videos, and enters the era of highly productive robots affecting our daily lives in a meaningful way. We’re thrilled to be spearheading this new robotics era!


Congraulations to Dexai Robotics


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