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Top 10 Lessons from MassTLC’s Growth Conference

The first ever MassTLC Growth Conference featured hard-earned insights from leaders of the area’s fastest scaling companies. While there were too many valuable tips to summarize in one post, there were some common themes throughout the day. Here are the top 10 lessons from our distinguished speakers.

10. Alignment is critical, and it’s a continuous work in progress. Growth companies need a unified focus on mission, strategy, and culture.

9.  When making product changes, connect the product roadmap to the company roadmap. Work down from company objectives.

8.  Culture isn’t just a buzzword, and fit is imperative.

7.  Getting acquired is really hard!  Focus on the team, admit it’s hard, and stay close!

6.  In sales, if no one tells you you’re winning, then you’re probably losing. Review each deal and ask, “are they in or out?”  This is a key to more accurate forecasting. 

5.  Customer focus and obsession should be the change agent for business, culture and product.

4.  Diverse mindsets and perspectives lead to better decisions—include opinions of every functional area.

3.  When you want to drive change, you have to be fully committed and keep at it.

2.  Fail fast and change. Don’t take too long to correct mistakes, whether in hiring, product development, global expansion, marketing, etc.

1. It’s all about talent—”it all comes back to getting the right team in place.” Talent is not only about the people in your company, it’s also the people in your community, and Massachusetts is a great place to be!

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